Monday, November 26, 2007

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Orstrayliana Election Day Extravaganza

As the nation holds its breath to see if regime change will be delivered Cap Ideas is headed down to Section 8 for a day of festivities to celebrate all that is Aussie & all that is oy oy

Go vote at the booths cnr. Swanston & Collins st then come to Section 8 for:

Regime change shenanigans


Made For Chickens by Robots
John Howard Ladies Auxiliary Fan Club - pushing the race card
Julie "Aussie Jules" Jules dunk - fluoro green candydate dancing for her people
Baboon Brothers
Stevie Irwin will descend from the heavens for a rematch with the stingray
Political Arrrt
Howard & Rudd Pinatas - who will crack first?
Radical Housewives Baking Club & Terrorist Society presenting tasty MUFFins
Howard cumrags for all early-cummers
Plus a BIG telly to broadcast the nail-biting excitement live
Election colouring in books
Spit the Howard dummy pacifier-spit contest - with great prizes including a fairer distribution of wealth, better health care, education & environmental protection plus a nifty t-shirt.
& more


Did we say it's free? 'Cos it is - FREEEEE!!!!

11:30am 'till late

Section 8 Container Bar, 27-29 Tattersalls Lane City (next to Shanghai Dumpling)